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Highland's Heart: An Adoption Ministry

The Highland Heart Adoption Ministry comes alongside Highland members being led into the heart of adoption. If you're a Highland member, we are here to guide you through the process of consideration, donation, or grant application. In addition, Highland's Heart offers grants to Highland members who are in the process of adoption.

How to Apply

Simply fill out the form and someone from the Highland's Heart Adoption team will contact you. This process is simple and designed to be stress-free.

Grant Application

How to Donate

Grants are funded and supported through our bi-annual outreach contribution. You can give anytime by going to Highland eGiving.

Who To Contact

  • Shawna Brigance: 901-487-3172
  • Debbie Edwards: 901-351-0623
  • Wendy Nations: 901-488-3739
  • Gary Thompson: 901-212-4246