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Behind Esther

Join Chris Altrock for an upfront look at one of the Bible’s most unanticipated stories. It’s a story that, on the surface, appears to be God-less, never once even using the word “God.” But, upon further examination, it’s a story that is God-full, revealing a God hard at work behind the scenes. Esther is the perfect story for today’s world, and, perhaps, for your life, where adversity and impiety often make God difficult to discern. It’s a story that models 12 practices for discovering God in the darkness and partnering with God in his slow work in the world--a work unnoticed by many, yet one so powerful that, by the end of Esther, an entire nation is saved and a party to end all parties is being thrown. No matter where you find yourself today, by the end of this experience, you’ll be throwing a party as well for the way in which you’ve learned to see God in new ways and sign up for his mysterious work in the world.

Each day you'll receive email guidance from Chris regarding a chapter to read or a practice to engage in from "Behind Esther." Each Wednesday you'll call in to a conference call for a 15 minute huddle in which you'll share your experiences of reading and practicing "Behind Esther" from the previous week and receive some direction and coaching.

If you don't have a copy of the book, you'll need one. You can order online at The experience begins with Huddle 1 on Feb. 12. Once you register, you'll receive the phone number we'll use for the Huddles.

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