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Club 66

HCM is beginning a new project called “Club 66.” We are challenging all of our 1st – 6th graders to memorize the 66 books of the Bible, and then say them to an adult. On the first Sunday of every month, during our Donuts and Devo, we will recognize our students who have memorized the 66 books and we will induct them into “Club 66.” We believe that the memorization of scripture is an important part to following God. After all, when Jesus faced Satan’s temptations in the wilderness, he fought them by quoting scripture, and the first step to unleashing the power of scripture in our lives is memorizing the books of the Bible.

Once you have memorized the 66 Books, you must get an adult to print, sign, and date the form below before turning it in to the mailbox outside the 5th Grade classroom. (If the mailbox is not there when you go to turn this in, check back again later).

Club 66 Form


  1. Rylan Askins (May 2017)
  2. Berklee Birmingham (May 2017)
  3. Blake Birmingham (February 2017)
  4. Brooke Birmingham (February 2017)
  5. Lauren Bostic (January 2017)
  6. Kara Crawford (January 2017)
  7. Charlie Fagala (January 2017)
  8. Peyton Gearson (April 2017)
  9. Dagan Hatcher (January 2017)
  10. Harry Hutchins (April 2017)
  11. Clara Ivey (January 2017)
  12. Garner Meredith (February 2017)
  13. Haidyn Moore (May 2017)
  14. Nina Noble (February 2017)
  15. Connor Pettus (March 2017)
  16. Xander Pettus (March 2017)
  17. Sophie Pomerenk (January 2017)
  18. Ethan Shelby (May 2017)
  19. Nora Shelby (May 2017)
  20. Ryder Sills (January 2017)
  21. Emory Stover (May 2017)
  22. Bella Tichenor (May 2017)
  23. Hannah Wigginton (January 2017)
  24. Carter Wildrick (January 2017)