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CORE (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

a: a basic, essential, or enduring part
b: the essential meaning : gist
c : the inmost or most intimate part

The Marriage Ministry at Highland seeks to address the key issues of marriage in Sunday, Wednesday classes, small groups and suggested resources. All efforts are being made to discover new ways to deliver CORE information so that  each person can see their marriage through “wise counsel”. Class materials, articles, posts, blogs and tweets are just some of the ways we can explore the essential meaning of marriage.

What is the CORE of Marriage? (CORE Responses from Leaders)

1. Intimacy/Affection
2. Unwavering commitment
3. Patience
4. Communication
5. Forgiveness
6. Friendship, best friends
7. Compassion
8. Love
9. Listening
10. Laughter
11. Teamwork!!
12. Trustworthy
13. Sacrifice
14. Personal Relationship with God
15. Transparency
16. Community