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Good News Group

Good News Group

The church and the people in it are often viewed by the world around it as bad news. By participating in this Good News Group based on Chris' new book "Newsworthy," you'll gain the inspiration and the skills needed to become good news in your neighborhood, workplace, and school. You'll engage in the daring mission of bringing the gospel to life and transform your community's earthly here-and-now rather than focusing solely on its heavenly hereafter.

This Good News Group will broaden your understanding of the gospel and enable you to grasp the transforming power of all seven "chapters" of the gospel: manger, ministry, cross, resurrection, Ascension, Pentecost, Parousia. Each day during this Good News Group experience you'll read briefly about one of those "chapters" of the gospel and/or put one of those chapters into practice in a way that makes a practical difference right now in the lives of real people around you. Each day you'll also receive an email from Chris with encouragement and guidance for this good news journey. Once a week, Wednesdays at Noon, group participants will call in for a ten minute conference call for group encouragement and brief teaching.

Once you complete your registration, you'll call in for the first conference call on the first Wednesday (3/20/2019) at Noon for about 10 minutes (Chris will email you the number to call). Prior to that you'll need to purchase your own copy of  Chris' book"Newsworthy." You can do this online at or Copies can also be purchased at the church office at the Highland Church of Christ in Memphis, TN. Each chapter includes the daily schedule for the "Good News Group." Day 1 in Chapter 1 starts on the Wednesday of the first conference call. So, in addition to calling in that day, you'll want to read the first chapter (you don't have to read that first chapter prior to the call).

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