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  1. In early December the Highland shepherds shared they had been approached about the land immediately to Highland’s north. We were interested for at least three reasons:

    1.1 First, the owner had drastically reduced the price, making it 1/4 the cost per acre of Highland’s current property. The price was so low we were caught by surprise.

    1.2 Second, we recognized, given the growth of the area and the price of the land, there might not be future opportunities to purchase land like this adjoining our property.

    1.3 Most importantly, several shepherds had been asking God for this land for years, believing it to be important to Highland’s long-term.
  2. From early December until now, Highland shepherds and staff engaged in a discernment process to determine God’s will about this land.
  3. Since the announcement in December, the price of the property dropped further, as a survey revealed the property encompassed less acreage than originally reported.
  4. Highland staff and elders now unanimously believe this land is an answer to prayer and a gift offered by God for use in ministry. We have decided to move forward with its purchase.
  5. The purchase price of $287,673 for 28.5 acres will be raised in cash through private donations and cash reserves. No capital campaign will be held. None of it will be financed. Individuals have already volunteered significant contributions totalling 40% of the purchase price. If you would like to join them, contact a staff member or elder. We do not want any individual contribution, however, to be at the expense of contributions you would make to our weekly ministry contribution, to your ongoing Overflow pledge, or to our Outreach Contributions.
  6. Later this month a staff retreat will begin a discernment process about the potential uses for the property.
  7. We ask you to provide us your ideas for this property. You can do so in the form below or by writing them down and leaving them in the box on the backside of the Welcome Center.
  8. In Isaiah 2 the prophet imagines a place of peace from which God’s word flows to all and to which people from all walks of life find spiritual community. It is our greatest hope that Highland’s current campus and this new land will be such a place.