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We welcome all people at Highland. We all need the grace and love of our Lord. Once you have experienced the love of God, you will know that you are meant for more. We welcome all people to join us as we seek to discover the more we are meant for together: more love for God and people every day.

We also welcome you to join this family officially through membership. Membership isn’t just about getting your name in the directory or on an email list. Membership is much more.

When you place membership at Highland you are committing yourself to a life of faith with this community. But more importantly, you are allowing us to commit ourselves to you. To commit our support, love, and lives to you. We believe that no one should walk the faith journey alone. Let us commit ourselves to walking with you.

What is membership?

Membership means belonging.

We work hard to connect our members with a Sunday School Class, with a Reach Group, and with a ministry where they can use their God-given talents to serve God’s kingdom. You will know that you belong as you share life in these settings.

We also strive to respond to the pastoral needs of our members. As a member, you will have specific staff members and elders who pray over you weekly and make themselves available for counseling and encouragement, care and direction.

Members also have the opportunity to share in the vision and mission of this church with their resources. These resources are many: time, gifts, finances and others. As a member you become a participant in our work to reach the Mid-South, and help all people discover they are meant for more.

How do I place membership?

Placing membership in a faith family is a rewarding step on your faith journey. Pray about it and talk with staff or elders at Highland about membership. It’s a decision you should make based on deep prayer, thought and conversation.

Once you have decided that membership at Highland is the step you want to take, contact Chris Altrock or Eric Gentry, and they will help you make your membership official.

Driven by the Great Commission (Matt 28:18-20), we believe that baptism is a part of your induction into the community of disciples. If you have already been baptized, we honor that. If not, we would love to talk with you about baptism – a time for you to publicly proclaim your commitment to God, for this community to proclaim its commitment to you, and for God to shower forgiveness and the Holy Spirit upon you. Contact Chris or Eric to talk about baptism. You can also learn more about baptism from the Restarting Your Story booklet.

Sightseer Class

The Sightseer class is designed specifically for guests. It takes place on Sunday mornings during a portion of the worship service. An announcement will be made in both services letting you know when the class is about to begin.

Engage Class

The Engage Class and Luncheon is a quarterly class and luncheon for new members. You’ll learn about ways to get involved in ministries, meet other new members, and enjoy a delicious meal. If you’ve placed membership recently, Brishan will contact you about being a part of this day.