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Mission & Beliefs


That’s the story of the gospel. A God, led by a relentless and consuming love for the people of the world, for you, gave everything to reach you. And that’s a story we want to share with you. Not so that you will know it, but so that you will become a part of it. When the story of God’s relentless love becomes your story, you realize that you are meant for more.

We believe every person is meant for more.

What is that more? An every-day experience of relentlessly loving God and loving others; of being loved by God and others.

This more is found in Jesus Christ. Like no other spiritual figure, he showed what it’s like to live authentically with God and show compassion to all, to love all, especially those at the margins of society and religion. And by his birth, life, death, resurrection and return, a loving Jesus empowers us to do the same.

You can discover this more with the Highland church.

Worship with us and experience God in fresh ways. Grow with us through classes and conversations which equip you to be a follower of Christ. Share Jesus and life with others in small groups, in homes throughout the Mid-South. Serve with us in life-changing ministry to those in need of God’s love.

Once you have experienced God’s relentless love, you’ll want more. We believe every person is meant for more. Let us join you, and together we will discover the more God has planned for you.


We believe in one all-powerful God, creator of all, who desires a relationship with each of us. Every person is valued by God and made in God’s image, but our sin separates us from God and prevents us from leading the righteous lives God desires from us. So, God’s only son, Jesus Christ, came to Earth, died and rose again, defeating the power of sin and opening the way for us to be in relationship with God.

We can receive the benefits of Jesus’ death and resurrection as a gracious gift through faith, repentance, and baptism. Then, as Christians united with God and added to the body of Christ on earth, the church, we partner together to continue Jesus’ earthly ministry. We are joined by our commitment to the Bible, by sharing in the Holy Spirit, and by the Lord’s Supper—a meal that establishes our identity as a people shaped by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. This identity is characterized by our common journey towards Christlikeness, and by our mission to bring the entire world into a relationship with God. Together, Christians look forward to the day when Jesus will return and reign forever as King of kings and Lord of Lords.