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The Nations

Highland has a long history of mission work. As disciples we believe that God calls us all to make more disciples (Matt 28:19-20). Because of that, we have been led by God into communities around the world, sharing the gospel, baptizing new believers, and forming them into a life of faith. Currently we support foreign missions in Papua New Guinea, Philippines, and Ukraine.

Through our weekly ministry contribution and/or hallway contributions, Highland supports several ministries to the nations:

Belize TIME Trips

For nearly 30 years, Highland Youth Group has partnered with Happy Avenue Church of Christ located in Belize City, Belize. This TIME trip, Highlanders love on kids through hosting a Vacation Bible School (VBS), and minister to area teens. Teens and adults also provide a free dental clinic. We've committed $3,000.

Honduras Short Term Missions

Highlanders travel frequently to Honduras to assist schools, neighborhoods and churches that are deep in poverty. $1,500 has been set aside for this effort.

The Melanesian Bible College & Medical Clinic, Papua New Guinea

Highland helped start and is the primary supporter for this training center which equips existing churches and plants new churches in Papua New Guinea and elsewhere. Jab and Becky Mesa direct the college. We have committed $111,976 to this ministry during the fiscal year.

Shiloh Christian School & Philippine Churches, Philippines

Highland has committed $41,350 to church planting, congregational discipleship, and Christian education in and around Bocolod, Philippines. Former Highlanders Nathan and Karen Luther left their jobs in education in Memphis to help run this primary and secondary school and work with new and existing churches in the area.

Ministry for Theological Education, Memphis

Highland has committed $2,000 this fiscal year to MTE which hosts seminars/workshops to train church leaders in foreign countries.

Ukrainian Education Center, Ukraine

Highland has committed $19,103 to this outreach to young adults and others in the city of Kiev, Ukraine. Vitaly Samodin and his wife Valeria direct this ministry.

Bila Tserkva Church of Christ, Ukraine

Highland has committed $9,020 to this church plant in the city of Bila Tserkva, Ukraine. Highlander Betty Cannon helped start this church. She helped lead the current preacher, Kostya Kysilenko, to faith in Christ.

World Bible School, Memphis

Highland has committed $10,000 this fiscal year to this ministry which reaches thousands of seekers around the world. It provides biblical teaching and connections between churches and those seeking Christ in other countries.

Harding School of Theology, Memphis

By supporting HST, Highland is helping equip leaders for church plants and existing churches around the world. Highlanders Ed Gray, Kevin Shelby, and Allen Black work at HST. Many of Highland’s staff and elders have been equipped by HST. We have committed $15,000 to this ministry this fiscal year


During the 40 Days of Prayer which lead to the launch of Vision 2018, Highland leaders felt led to begin a new work in China. $56,508 per year is being set aside while Highland leaders research, pray, and plan for this new work.

Mission Resources

Highland has committed $9,000/year to help Highlanders travel to sites where we are engaged in ministries to the nations and provide encouragement and personal support. Another $5,000/year is set aside to assist missionaries when emergencies arise.

Staff / Elder Assistance

We have committed $5,000 to assist staff / elders traveling to support our missions.