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The Needy

As recipients of God’s love, we are blessed to share that love with those around us. We do this through various local ministries that reach out to schools, hospitals, and individuals in need. Highland also shares with other Christian communities in the service of several powerful local organizations, such as HopeWorks and Agape. At Highland you not only experience a community of love, but join with that community in loving others.

Through our weekly ministry contribution and/or hallway contributions, Highland supports several ministries to the needy: 

Work Camp, Memphis

An annual service project sponsored by Memphis area Churches of Christ that brings teenagers, college students, and adults together to repair, scrape, and paint homes for people in need.

Feed-a-Family Sacks, Memphis

Each Thanksgiving Highlanders fill sacks with ingredients for a Thanksgiving meal and money for a turkey. Sacks are distributed to families in need in the Raleigh area by the Raleigh Community Church of Christ (see below).

Power Hours, Memphis

Each summer and once a month during the school year, HYG fans out to apartment complexes to provide family-friendly entertainment and age-appropriate Bible study for children in need. They also go downtown to share brown-bag lunches and conversations with the homeless.

Through our bi-annual Outreach Contribution Highland supports several ministries to the needy:

LaRose Elementary, Memphis

We’ve committed $5,000 this fiscal year to fund initiatives which enrich and empower under-resourced children, faculty, and families connected to this public school in downtown Memphis. Highlanders tutor students here weekly.

School Store, Memphis

We've committed $16,000 in early fall to provide school supplies to children who are under-resourced at LaRose Elementary and in the Raleigh area through the Raleigh Community Church of Christ.


We've committed $31,000 to feed children in need who attend LaRose.

Raleigh Community Church of Christ, Raleigh

We’ve committed $10,000 this fiscal year to helping this urban church pay off their mortgage so they can devote more resources to ministry in the north Memphis/Raleigh area.

Agape Child & Family Services, Memphis

We’ve committed $41,000 this fiscal year to supporting Agape in their work with orphans and children in need in the Memphis area through their Counseling Center, Families in Transition, Powerlines and their Orphan Initiative.

HopeWorks, Memphis

We’ve committed $39,200 this fiscal year to this ministry which provides life-skills training, job training, GED completion, counseling, mentoring, apprenticeships and other services to the chronically unemployed in Memphis, including the formerly incarcerated. As part of Vision 2018, we have committed to doubling our support of HopeWorks to an eventual level of $41,200/year.

Lifeline / Care Ministries, Memphis

Highland provides two ministries which serve those who contact Highland directly for resources. Lifeline serves people from the community who call with emergency/crisis needs. Care serves people connected to Highland who have on-going and significant financial needs. We’ve committed $35,000 to these inter-connected ministries.