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The Neighbors

Highland is deeply invested in the Memphis-area community, believing that God has called us to care for the city in which he has placed us (Jer 29). We extend this care and investment through ministries to Macon Hall Elementary, LeBonheur, SOMA campus ministry, FriendSpeak, Young Adult Ministries, four Children’s Homes, as well as a new adoption support initiative.

Through our weekly ministry contribution and/or hallway contributions, Highland supports several ministries to domestic/local neighbors:

TIME trips to Atlanta, Paragould, Murfreesboro and Houston

Each summer HYG sponsors these Teen In Mission Experiences trips where teens work with children, the homeless, and under-resourced.

Chinese Outreach/Worship Service, Memphis

Highland has reached out to the Asian community of Memphis, providing spiritual and other resources. Each Sunday Asians gather in a Chinese Worship service and Sunday School class.

Highland Day School, Memphis

For more than thirty years Highland has hosted a day school in its facility. Highland currently has approximately 100 children from the community in its day school.

Children’s Clothing Sale, Memphis

For many years Highland has hosted an opportunity for local parents/grandparents of young children to purchase quality gently-used clothing, toys and other children’s items. Hundreds sell and buy at this semi-annual event.

Jesus Loves Memphis

Over 50 churches participate in this yearly event, leading service projects throughout Memphis and working alongside one another.

Through our bi-annual Outreach Contribution Highland supports several ministries to local and domestic neighbors:

FriendSpeak, Memphis

A ministry that uses the Bible to help our international neighbors improve their English by studying one-on-one with a Christian friend. Sessions occur once a week and last from 45-60 minutes. This fiscal year we have committed $1,500.

Macon Hall Elementary, Cordova

Highland has committed $2,700 this fiscal year to fund initiatives which allow us to partner with this elementary school in our Cordova neighborhood.

LeBonheur Children’s Hospital, Memphis

Highland has committed $4,300 to initiatives which support and encourage the staff of the NICU babies and their families at this renowned children’s hospital.

Soma, Memphis

Soma is a Campus Ministry associated with Churches of Christ at the University of Memphis. Highland has committed $9,000.

Young Adult Outreach, Memphis

God has led us to the desire to reach at least an additional 200 young adults. We’ve committed $5,000 this fiscal year toward initial initiatives.

Guest Services, Memphis

Highland has committed $1,000 this fiscal year toward a special project that is part of a larger effort to reach out to those who visit one of Highland’s Sunday morning services.

Domestic Orphan Ministry

Highland has committed $12,000 this fiscal year toward partnering with four domestic agencies that serve orphans: Tennessee Children’s Home (Spring Hill, TN), Sunnybrook Children’s Home (Ridgeland, MS), Children’s Home, Inc. (Paragould, AR), and Timothy Hill Children’s Ranch (Riverhead, NY).

Highland’s Heart Adoption Support

Highland has set aside $34,000 this fiscal year to offset adoption costs for Highlanders who decide to adopt. We share God’s heart for orphans and will use these funds helping Highlanders who adopt.

Packed In Love Foster Care Ministry

Highland has set aside $6,000 this fiscal year to provide care for the 1,000 children sent to the Memphis DCS each year. A portion of those funds is also used to support Highland families involved in foster care.

Prison Ministry

We've committed $3,500 for the women's prison in Henning, TN. Through HopeWorks, Highlanders also serve as Faith Encouragers at the Shelby County Corrections Center. through additional funds not associated with the GO Outreach, Highland supports the men's prison in Whiteville, TN. 

HCM Outeach

$3,000 has been committed for the spring Easter Eggstravaganza and the fall Trunk or Treat events for the Children's Ministry. 

The Neighbors