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Next Steps

If you’re new to Highland, you're at the right place. If you want to learn more about Highland, our mission work, small groups, classes, or want to place membership, we invite you to attend our Next Steps.

1. Sightseer

If you want to connect at Highland, come to Sightseer and then Engage. Sightseer is a special class where you’ll learn about who we are at Highland. We’ll answer any questions you have and help you connect with other Highlanders as well. Sightseer is offered every Sunday at 10am in B119, by the Book Nook in the Commons. Once you’ve been to Sightseer, make plans to attend the next Engage experience.

2. Advance

Advance is for those who are ready to join the Highland family. We call this “placing membership”—which sounds pretty official. Don’t worry, it's a casual gathering where you will meet leaders at Highland, have a conversation about what it means to be part of our family, and give us a chance to celebrate you as our new brother or sister. If you're ready to join Highland, please contact Eric Gentry.

Advance meets once a month at 10:00am in room A129.

3. Engage

If you want to connect at Highland, come to Sightseer and then Engage. Engage is a unique experience in which we help you find a ministry to serve in, provide you tools to deepen your spiritual life, and connect you to a Small Group or Sunday School class if you haven’t already found one. Engage is offered every other month. Contact Eric Gentry if you would like to attend.

Engage meets quarterly at 10:00am in room A129.