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Security and Procedures


  • We have monitored cameras recording each nursery, our hallways, & entrances.
  • We have designated security patrolling our hallways.
  • We have evacuation cribs to use in emergencies.
  • We have one way mirrors available for viewing the nursery activities.
  • We have a check-in system.


  • We have a diaper changing procedure posted.
  • We have a sickness policy posted.
  • We have a clean-up procedure posted.
  • If a child is inconsolable his/her parents will be texted to come.
  • We strive to have at least two workers in every nursery.
  • We use teens that have had nursery training to assist adult volunteers.
  • Chewed on toys are placed in the sink or wiped with Lysol wipes.
  • Our nursery is a peanut free, nut free area.
  • The closest first aid kit is on top of the refrigerator in the nursery area kitchen.
  • Our toddlers are learning to walk and it’s not uncommon for them to get a bump. We strive to inform parents of any incident that occurs.
Security and Procedures