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Outreach Contribution

Fall Outreach Contribution

Jesus invites us to follow his way, every day (Lk. 9:23). It’s a way of living that doesn’t just encompass one day of the week, but seven days of the week. 

This daily experience becomes ours as we pattern our life after his, a life of growing spiritually (Lk. 6:12), finding community (Lk. 6:13-16), and doing ministry (Lk. 6:17-19).
In this brochure you’ll find numerous ways to engage in ministry and thus to take steps to follow the way of Christ more fully. Some of these ministries are funded through Highland’s weekly ministry contribution and/or “hallway donations” (monies donated at a specific time for one specific purpose). Many of them are funded through the bi-annual Outreach Contribution (generally held in May and November each year).

You can participate in these ministries by giving regularly to them, especially to the Outreach Contribution. You can also participate by engaging in the numerous ministry drives which some of them offer each year (pay attention to the Weekly Email and the Link). We also invite you to contact the ministry leader directly to inquire about opportunities for involvement. Finally, your prayer support is one of the most important means of involvement. 

Join Highland in giving $261,000 on November 18 to our Outreach Contribution. Highland works through about 30 outreach ministries/ partners to bless the lives of the needy, the nations and our neighbors. November 18 is the first of two Outreach Contributions during the fiscal year which funds these ministries. Your gift of $261,000 on that date helps fulfill our total goal of $491,000 for the fiscal year.

The Needy

The Nations

The Neighbors