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Pay attention to the voices in your head.

Pay attention to the voices in your head.

By Michelle Weiner-Davis

Years ago, I experienced a bout of severe depression.

Because I had never been depressed before, to say that I felt panicky is a vast understatement.

This was especially true when nothing I did to help myself feel better seemed to work.

That's when my depression spiraled out of control.

Part of the reason I started becoming even more depressed was my self- talk; the voices inside my head.

Because I feared staying stuck in despair, I was saying things like, "I'm always going to feel this way," "I will never find my way back," "There are no solutions to my depression."

Needless to say, thoughts such as these are typical when one feels depressed.

In fact, research suggests that when we're going through a tough time, most people envision the future to be nothing more than a miserable extension of the past. We have a hard time even imagining that life can be different than today.

But the truth is, nothing in life stays the same, not the good things nor the bad.

And thankfully, my depression lifted.

Now, when I have a bad day, my self-talk is completely different. I learned to soothe myself saying, "You might be feeling low this morning, but after you take a walk, you'll feel better," or "It was a crappy evening, but tomorrow is another day."

And it's not just a "technique," I really believe it.

When you go through rough times, do you make your life more difficult with self-ridicule, pessimistic thinking and predicting dire outcomes?

Think about it. If you're struggling with some issue right now, pay attention to the voices in your head.

Make sure you're giving yourself a pep talk rather than weighing yourself down with negativity.

The negative voices may feel automatic, but you can change the channel when there's static!

If I can do it, you can too!