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Pray Like Jesus

Pray Like Jesus

A PLJ group is a small group of people who walk together through a 6 week journey using the book Prayers from the Pit. Over those 6 weeks, you’ll get to learn and practice 12 ways of praying. Each prayer practice grows out a specific way in which Jesus prayed, as revealed in his prayers recorded in the Gospels. All of this happens online and/or by phone. You can participate from anywhere!

Purchase a copy of the book (print or electronic) prior to the start date, but dont' start reading. You can find print and electronic editions at and 21st Century Christian. Copies can also be purchased at our Book Nook located in the Commons.

On the start date, you'll call into a conference call for a ten minute introduction from Chris that will launch the group (the phone number will be provided in an email). The following day, we begin! Each day you'll either read a chapter in the book or engage in a prayer-practice related to the most recent chapter. The experience is designed to be brief, taking 10-15 minutes/day total.

Each day you'll recieve an email from Chris giving you encouragement and guidance as we read and engage in Jesus' 12 prayer-practices, one by one. Each Wednesday, you'll call the conference number and join the rest of the group for ten minute huddle for mutual encouragement and guidance.
6 weeks. 7 call-in huddles. 12 prayer-practices. 10-15 minutes/day.

Have questions about Pray Like Jesus (PLJ) Group? Contact Chris Altrock.

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