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Start Married Life Right

  • Are you seriously dating someone, but wonder if you have what it takes to make it for a lifetime with the same person?

  • Are you newly married, and finding marriage really tough?

  • Do you want to get married, but are unsure about the path ahead?

If this resonates with you, then come join us for an exciting journey at Highland  for seriously dating, engaged, and newly married couples who want to be happy  and have a fulfilling marriage.On Sunday evening, August 11, a very exciting class will begin at Highland for those couples who are seriously dating, engaged or newly married.

SMLR or Start Married Life Right will give you tools that will help your marriage thrive. Our topics  will cover areas such as selfishness, choosing love, sex, money, kids, in-laws, roles in marriage,  boundaries, expectations, conflict resolution, communication, plus building and maintaining trust.  A wonderful team of speakers and marriage mentors will guide you through these topics and will be there for you even after the class is completed. Click the button to purchase tickets.

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