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Summer Camp Tuition

2015 Tuition (Per Week)

  • 2 Day Program (T, TH): $49 half day (weekly)
  • 3 Day Program (T, W, TH): $73.50 half day, $129 full day (weekly)
  • 5 Day Program (M – F): $122.50 half day, $205 full day (weekly)
  • Extra Care: $5/hour

Registration and Supply Fee

A one-time non-refundable fee of $35 per child or $60 per family for preschool and school age children. Acceptance of this registration fee assures your child (children) a place in our program.

Highland Day School is a non-profit, self-supporting school. All fees and tuition are used to provide the best teachers, equipment, and curriculum aids available. Please make all checks payable to Highland Day School and return the check to the school in an envelope marked tuition and child’s name. After the 10th of the month, please add a $15 late fee to your payment. If tuition is not paid by the third week of the month, you may not leave your child until you have paid your monthly fee and the accrued late charges, unless prior arrangements have been made. Tuition is due regardless of days missed due to illness or vacation. We can not offer make-up days.

Tuition for the Summer Session is not included in the yearly tuition amount, and operates separately on a weekly basis. You have two options of payment:

  • You may register for the whole summer and pay tuition in one lump sum  for June and July. Tuition is due the first week of June,regardless of days missed due to illness or vacation.
  • You may register for specific weeks ahead of time that you want your child to attend and pay tuition for those weeks only. Tuition will be due the first week of the month regardless of days missed due to illness or vacation. We can not offer make-up days.

Highland Day School does not pro-rate any tuition fees. All fees are nonrefundable and due regardless of days missed due to illness, closings, vacations, etc. Your tuition reserves your child’s spot in our program. In case of an extended absence due to illness, the director must be notified. It is the director’s discretion to decide if a reduction of fees or a refund is in order.

If a child is withdrawn from our program, the director must be notified two weeks in advance. Parents are required to pay for those two weeks, regardless of when the child leaves the program.

Highland Day School will offer a multiple child discount to families enrolled in the Five Day/All Day program.