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Sunday School

Sundays at 10:00am

We want to know God.

That means we are devoted to God’s Word and to creating disciples for Christ. It starts in the nursery where our children are cared for by a staff of passionate volunteers. It continues as toddlers grow into teenagers and learn to share their faith with friends. Our discipleship becomes even deeper as we dive into his teachings in Adult Sunday School. We are meant for discipleship.

Guests & New Members


Sightseer: Room B125

A class specially designed for visitors, the Sightseer class gives an overview of Highland, its’ mission, vision, and ministries. It meets during the sermon portion of the worship service. 

Engage: Room C101

This quarterly class takes an in-depth look at Highland and encourages new members to find an area of ministry they are passionate about.

 Children: The Kingdom

  • Nursery (The Garden) – Rooms A113 – A116
  • 2 Years (The Farm) – Rooms A112 & A126
  • 3 Years (The Market) – Room A125
  • 4 Years (The Tower) – Room A108
  • 5 Years (The Fortress) – Room A109
  • 1st Grade (Knight & Dame) – Room A110
  • 2nd Grade (Baron & Baroness) – Room A111
  • 3rd Grade (Earl & Countess) – Room A139
  • 4th Grade (Duke & Duchess) – Room A137
  • 5th Grade (Prince & Princess) – Room A136
  • 6th Grade (King & Queen) – Room A135
  • Kingdom Kids – Rooms 1, 3, and 5

Kingdom Kids is age-appropriate worship for ages 2 – 5. It meets during the Life Center and Chapel services. It does not currently meet during The Connection.

Teens: Highland Youth Group


Huddles: The Youth Mission

Every day teens face issues and make decisions that will affect their future. Whether it’s where to go to college or where to sit at lunch, they are looking for answers to guide them. On Sunday morning, teenagers gather in Huddles to search God’s Word for those answers.

Young Adults


Bridge Builders: Room D103

Teachers: David Flatt, Kyle Faggala, Grant Dasher, and others.

The Bridge Builders class mission is to to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. We gather together with the purpose of growing in community and reaching out to the world around us.


Home Builders: Room D102

Teachers: Chris Barber and Ryan Tucker

A class for young couples who are building their lives, dreams and careers on Christ.  Most class members have children of elementary to middle school age.


Sojourners: Room D104

Teachers: Murray Butler, Jonathan Pettus, Josh Bostic

A class for young families following Jesus together. Most class members have children of preschool age.

Middle Adults


Close Encounters: Room A132

Teachers: Jerry Honea, Cameron Spivey

A class for middle-aged adults seeking to encounter God and His grace through Bible study, prayer, and discussion.


Family of Faith: Room D100

Teachers: Jason Knight, Cary Daniel, Darren Howard

This class seeks to form close family relationships and grow deeper in faith. Most class members have teenage and college-aged children.


Home Improvement: Room D101

Teachers: Barry Mitchell and Dennis Hafley

A team-taught class primarily designed for baby boomers, placing emphasis on Gospel issues with a distinctive emphasis on marital issues.


Hope: Room A104

Teachers: Allen Black and Jay Shappley

A class for baby boomers. Team-taught, discussion-oriented, and relationship-focused.


Practical Matters: Room B126

Teacher: Gary Blume

A class for middle-aged adults. Its primary purpose is to inspire, equip, and encourage each other to build biblically oriented lives, to reach increasing numbers of unchurched people, and minister to one another.

Senior Adults


Tender Loving Care - Room A105-106

Teachers: Charlie Fowler, Jesse Pope, Dennis Ruch

TLC emphasizes the love that binds this class. A key feature of this class is active small groups.

Special Interest Classes


Chinese: Room A133

Facilitators: Ron Wade and Sam Leow

A class for those who speak English as a second language. This class focuses on the basics of Bible study and the Christian life.

Women of Grace: Room A134

Teacher: Beverly Ralston

This class fills a need in the lives of many Christian women of all age groups. It is characterized by caring sharing.