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Ten Minute Transformation

In one of the most beautiful and contemplative settings in the MidSouth, this contemplative retreat, based on Chris' Ten Minute Transformation, allows you to learn (or re-learn) 12 spiritual habits that can be done in 10 minutes or less, have unhurried time to practice some of them, and finishes with writing a Rule of Life that will guide you in experiencing ongoing rest and renewal in the days and months after the retreat is over.

There are two tiers for registration. Those who need a copy of Ten Minute Transformation can indicate this and will receive a copy at the retreat's beginning. Those who already own a copy of the book can indicate this and simply bring their copy to the retreat.

10 Minute Practices that Enlarge our Love for God - 2:00-3:00 PM (20 minutes of presentation; 40 minutes of practice)

10 Minute Practices that Enlarge Our Love for Others - 3:00-4:00 PM (20 minutes of presentation; 40 minutes of practice)

10 Minute Practices that Simply our Lives - 4:00-5:00 PM (20 minutes of presentation; 40 minutes of practice)

Writing a Rule of Life - 5:00-6:00 PM (20 minutes of presentation; 40 minutes of practice)

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Ten Minute Transformation

A TMT group is a small group of people who walk together through 6 week journey outlined in the book Ten Minute Transformation. Over those 6 weeks, you’ll get to experience 12 different spiritual disciplines which take 10 minutes or less. Each is designed to help you live out a portion of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. Chris Altrock will coordinate your group. All of this happens online and/or by phone. You can participate from anywhere!

Purchase a copy of the book (print or electronic) prior to the start date, but dont' start reading. You can find print and electronic editions at and Copies can also be purchased at our Book Nook located in the Commons.

On the start date, you'll call into a conference call for a ten minute introduction from Chris that will launch the group (the phone number will be provided in an email). Then, start reading, one chapter a day. And practice the ten-minute discipline found at the end of each chapter.

Each day you'll recieve an email from Chris giving you encouragement, guidance and additional resources. Each Wednesday, you'll call the conference number and join the rest of the group for ten minute huddle for mutual encouragement and guidance.

6 weeks. 7 call-in huddles. 12 spiritual disciplines. 10 minutes at a time.

Have questions about a Ten Minute Transformation (TMT) Group? Contact Chris Altrock.

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