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The Best Marriages Are Built on a Foundation of Friendship

The Best Marriages Are Built on a Foundation of Friendship

In fact, friendship should be present in a relationship before anything romantic happens.

The first foundation of friendship in marriage is faithfulness.

You can’t just be your spouse’s friend when you want to be or when it’s convenient. Proverbs 17:17says, “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.” In other words, friendship is mostly developed or lost during hard times.

Times of adversity are when your friendship increases the most. That’s when we have to pay the most attention. If we make a mistake, those are the times when we have to be careful to go back and make it right.

The second foundation of friendship is believing in each other.

You’ll never be friends with someone who doesn’t believe in you. That’s why God uses our friendship with our spouse to bring each other to our full potential.

Every husband partners with God to bring his wife to her full potential. Every wife is God’s partner to help bring her husband to his potential. Your role as spouses is to believe in each other and help each other become what God has created you to be.

The third foundation of friendship is embracing each other’s differences.

If you have a friend who constantly criticizes you and rejects your differences, you won’t remain friends for long. A lot of people want to marry someone who is just like them, but it’s more important for a husband and wife to be compatible. Instead of training your spouse to become more like you, celebrate the ways that you’re different. “I’m so glad we’re together,” you might say. “God put us together because we fit perfectly. All of my weaknesses, you fill them in.”

The Best Marriages Are Built on a Foundation of Friendship