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What is a Village?

Intergenerational, mentoring small groups for women. These groups are a great way to form relationships with women of all ages at Highland. They are geared especially toward encouraging and supporting younger sisters in their many challenging roles as Christian women, wives and moms. Villages are meant to last for 1 year but can stay together longer if desired. Please know that we will do our best to place everyone where they would prefer but ask for your understanding because space is limited and balance of ages is important.

Are Villages for me?

YES, if you are looking for a way to develop relationships with women of different ages at Highland and willing to invest in those relationships for the whole year. That means attending as many monthly gatherings as possible (with the exclusion of emergency situations) and perhaps saying “No” to other things in order to say “Yes” to these mentoring relationships. Villages are a 1 year commitment that will be a huge blessing to your life.