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Who We Are

We love to worship together.

Every Sunday morning, we come together as a family to praise God and encourage each other. We provide an environment of sincerity and comfort for all who seek a closer relationship with God. Because people connect to God in different ways, we offer four different styles of worship.

We are a family of disciples.

That means we are devoted to God and to each other. It is in our Bible classes that we deepen our understanding of Scripture and form lifetime friendships. Join us for a class on Sunday morning or Wednesday evening. Check the Sunday School flyer for more info.

We are on a mission.

We have been sent to spread the love of God, and we do it with joy! Whether it’s rocking children to sleep in the nursery or serving in an urban ministry, we encourage you to get involved in a ministry and experience the joy of serving others. Check the Welcome Center for more info.

We do life together.

We do life together in small groups called Reach Groups. Here we share Jesus with each other and with our friends.