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Join us on Facebook every Sunday at 9:00a.
Join us on Facebook every Sunday at 9:00a.


Be Church is a biblical and practical initiative. One you can take part in whether you are onsite at Highland or online with Highland. One you can do in your neighborhood, in your home, at work or school, virtually or in-person. And one that will glorify God! 

Paul reminds us, that God calls you and me to be the church in every place. In a moment when we can’t all go to church, we can still be the church. All of us, in every place. This is our calling: Be ChurchBe Church is also practical. We believe that if every Highlander commits to these 3 consistent actions (each with different possibilities) we will live into our biblical calling practically:


  1. Love your actual neighbors. Bake cookies and take them to your neighbors.
  2. Love your church family. Call someone from Highland to check on them.
  3. Share the good news. It’s as easy as sharing something we post online with a friend.
  4. Serve with us. Follow Highland for details on upcoming service opportunities.


  1. Join a “Jesus Group.” For those who are exploring Christian faith. Click here to sign up.
  2. Join a virtual class or small group. Click here to sign up, and we will connect you with one.
  3. Give. Giving is one of the ways we grow. You can give online by clicking here.


  1. Worship with us Online. At-risk? Don’t worry. Online service isn’t going anywhere.
  2. Worship with us Inside. Pre-register for services. Click here to register.
  3. Join a “Quaranteam”. Worship with a small group of people each week. Click here to sign up.

We don’t expect you to do all 10. But we are asking you to do all 3 regularly: Love Grow, Worship. This is how we will Be Church right now.

(Parents: Keep your kids involved! Church isn’t just for big folks, its for little folks too. Bring your kids to HCM and HYG activities. Serve your neighbors—with your kids. Help your child call a friend from church and check on them. Even if you are staying home right now, wake up your kids for worship! Use this moment to teach your kids that their calling in life, no matter what is going on in the world, is to Be Church)

We have always known that church is much more than an hour of our Sunday mornings. But its all too easy to rely totally on that hour, unintentionally relegating our love, growth, and worship to those few minutes spent together with God.

God wants all of our minutes.

So, God built the church and called us to Be Church always and everywhere.  Despite all the hardships of this season, or maybe because of them, our calling is clearer than ever. 

We can Be Church now.

Yes, we cannot all be together in one place. But we can all be “together… in every place.” That’s because of the power of “God in Christ Jesus.” No pandemic can stop that power.

Be Church with us.

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