Camping Trip

Join us in person or online every Sunday ay 10:00a
Join us in person or online every Sunday ay 10:00a

Spring River Camping Trip

October 7-9

We will be heading up to the Riverside Resort on the Spring River, just below Mammoth Spring, for our annual camping trip October 7th – 9th.   We do not take up any money.  You will need to bring your own food and pay the camping fees as you check in.  I’ve included most of the camping expenses below.  We generally camp in a group beside the river and share a fire ring, covered area and grills.  You do not have to do that.  There is plenty of room along the river to pitch your tent if you need additional privacy.  Some of us have graduated from tent camping and rent small camp cabins just up from the camping area. They sleep three and have electricity, heat and air conditioning. These cabins are first come first served.  We usually eat together for breakfast on Saturday and for dinner Saturday night. For dinner we usually cook steaks, fresh trout or whatever you want to cook as long as it is legal in the state of Arkansas. Each night we gather around a big campfire and solve the world’s problems. On Sunday we have a brief Sunday service and then those that need to go on home can leave or the rest of us can get back to fishing.  Several usually want to fish so I’ve included a link below so you can purchase the needed permits. Some may want to kayak or canoe even though it may be pretty chilly.  Most of us have been doing this camping trip for many years. If you need to borrow any gear or share a tent, let us know.  That does include cooking utensils.  If you forget anything, we share everything and a few of us always have extras just in case.  There is also a Walmart a few miles up the road if you need something that we do not have. It will be very cool at night so bring appropriate clothing and bedding.

We try to keep track of who is going so we can car pool or go looking for you if you don’t show up.  Usually a group leaves before Noon on Friday.  Some leave after work Friday evening and the maybe a couple come down on Saturday.

Please feel free to bring a friend or your kids.  Also, you can come at the last minute.  Just let us know.

Let us know if you are going so we can watch for you. You can contact me (901-485-7492) or Jim Welch (901-634-1465).   If you think you can’t go then, you probably need to. If money is an issue, we have scholarships.

Masks are optional. We’re outdoors most of the time so COVID risks should be minimal.

We look forward to seeing you there.


Jon Jernigan




Riverside Resort

2154Weatherstone Rd.

Mammoth Spring, AR 72554



Day Pass - $6/person/day

Camping - $12/person/night

Camp Cabin -    $70 for 2 for weekday

                        $75 for 2 for weekend

                        $12 for third person per day


The camp cabin sleeps 3, has heat and AC and has electricity.

They do take reservations for the camp cabins.  Right now the camp cabins are all booked for the night of Friday, October 7th.  This could change so if you check later they might become available.




The link below will take you to the Arkansas fish and game web site. If you want to fish, you will need a license and, unless you plan to fish elsewhere, you will need a trout stamp in addition to your license because that is the predominant game fish in the Spring where we camp. The trout stamp is good for a year. You can get a 3 day fishing permit all the way up to one for a year. We will all qualify as out of state. Youth and college students get discounts.


You can buy your license online at the link below. They will mail your license to you. It will take a couple of weeks to get to your house. If you need sooner than that, you can print out a copy of the receipt and take it with you as proof that you have your license. You can buy them at Walmart. I think you can still buy them over the phone.


They do check licenses and I don’t advise trying to get by without one. I had a friend who got busted by a ranger watching with binoculars up on a bluff were he could see a large portion of the river.




Cell service is sporadic. So don’t rely on it. The number for the resort is (870) 625-7501. I would leave this number as a contact number for anyone at home. Texting seems to work better that calls. It may take a bit for it to go but it does work fairly often.