Join us in person or online every Sunday at 8:30a or 10:40a
Join us in person or online every Sunday at 8:30a or 10:40a

Hi! Welcome. We're glad you landed on this page. To us, that means you might be interested in getting to know us. We know visiting a new church can be awkward and uncomfortable. You might be unsure about our beliefs, times, or maybe our dress code (we don't really have one... just wear something.) Below you'll find answers to most questions you might have about Highland. If you don't see what you're looking for, click here to email Kristen. He'll gladly help you out.


The Chapel 8:30am: time of traditional praise and worship.
Life Center (acapella) 8:30am: Worship time including praise, challenging sermons, and various forms of media.

The Life Center (instrumental) 10:40am: Worship time including praise, challenging sermons, and various forms of media.
Special Needs Worship Class 8:30am and 10:40am: The class is led by trained and experienced volunteers while caretakers and parents attend a worship service. For people age 5-99.

Children's Worship 8:30am and 10:40am: We have fully staffed nursery classes for newborns to age 2 and Kingdom Kids worship for children ages 3-5.

All are relaxed and comfortable environments. The same message is preached in all services.


We have a number of adult Bible classes, as well as youth and children’s classes. When you walk in the front doors, there is a welcome booth with folks who would love to help direct you to the right class for you. Our classes are typically Bible studies, but also engage important cultural topics and are always conversational in nature. Feel free to ask questions and contribute.


Our Sunday mornings are a relaxed time of fellowship with each other and worship. Do not be worried about finding a class or a place to sit in the worship service. We have greeters in our commons area who want to welcome you and answer any questions you might have.


If you have a Bible, we encourage you to bring it. If not, we would love to give you one as a gift. Feel free to take one from the table inside the Life Center entrance or see a Guest Services volunteer.


The environment at Highland is relaxed, and the dress is casual. Some of our members will be in slacks and coats, or dresses, but many will also be in jeans and short-sleeve shirts. Wear what is comfortable to you.


We have a special easy-access parking area for our visitors. On the north side of the building (turn left after you pull into the parking lot) there are several rows of spaces near the building marked “Visitor.” You are invited to park here, but are welcome to park anywhere, including the Guest Parking spaces located directly in front of the building.


Highland is a great place for the whole family. We have a nursery for babies and toddlers that you can check your kids into when you get here. We have Sunday School classes for kids and teens, as well as an age-appropriate worship service called Kingdom Kids for ages 3-5. Those who work with our children are vetted and highly trained. We want your kids to be edified and for you to learn and worship at ease.


We take communion every Sunday morning at Highland. Communion is a special meal that Christians share to remember the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Not only do we remember Christ during this meal, but we also express our unity with one another by participating in it. We have individual, prepackaged communion packs that are available when walking in. If you feel comfortable sharing this meal with us, we invite you to do so. If not, any of our staff members would love to talk with you about baptism, communion and life in a Christian community.


Giving to the church is a tangible way to demonstrate the priority of God in our lives. Our members share generously in the mission and work of Highland by giving both their time and a portion of their income. Our "Generosity Path" has three general parts. First, if you have not started giving, we encourage you to simply start. The amount you choose to give is less important than getting in the habit of making God a priority with your finances. Second, if you already give, consider giving consistently. The easiest way to do that is to set up a recurring gift online through the website. Third, if you are already giving regularly, consider what it would take for you to give more sacrificially. God doesn't want us to give to get something "from" us, rather He wants us to give because of what it does "for" us.