Freedom Prayer

Join us in person or online every Sunday ay 10:00a
Join us in person or online every Sunday ay 10:00a

What is Freedom Prayer?

Freedom Prayer is a personal prayer ministry that helps with the process of recognizing and resolving anything that keeps us from abiding with God. Focusing on emotional and spiritual needs that hinder individuals in their Christian walk, Freedom Prayer offers tools in prayer for restoration and connection with God.

Freedom Prayer is intentionally structured to be easily discipled and reproduced. Our Core provides a framework for prayer, while still giving flexibility to honor the church culture and leading of the Holy Spirit.

Our mission is to train and equip the local church in Freedom Prayer and assist with building Freedom Prayer teams to meet the needs both in their congregation and community. We are a network of multi-denominational churches and organizations who operate as family under the umbrella of the larger non-profit that provides resources and continued equipping. We aim to see the local church become “first responders,” able to bear well and help people find freedom and deeper connection with God.