Mission & Beliefs

Join us in person or online every Sunday ay 10:00a
Join us in person or online every Sunday ay 10:00a

We Have Purpose

  1. We were made by God. So, we are God’s children, and God desires to have a close relationship with each of us.
  2. We were made in God’s image. So, every person has God-given value and deserves to be treated with love.   
  3. We were made for God’s glory. So, we are God’s ambassadors, called to represent and honor God always, in all places.

We Have Need

  1. Our sin causes us to push God away and ruin our lives. So, we need forgiveness for and freedom from our sin.
  2. Jesus Christ, God’s only son, came to earth and died on a cross. So, the penalty of our sin was paid and we can be forgiven.
  3. Jesus Christ was raised from the dead by God’s power. So, the power of sin was defeated and we can be freed.

We Are Not Alone

  1. When we believe and are baptized into Jesus, we are forgiven for and freed from sin. So, we can have a close personal relationship with God, our Father. 
  2. God’s Spirit comes to live in us who believe. So, we receive God’s daily guidance for our lives and God’s help in prayer. 
  3. Those who believe join the body of Christ—church. So, we are share in Jesus ministry to the world: loving, forgiving, and pointing our neighbors towards freedom in Christ. 

We Bless the World

  1. The Bible is inspired by God and authoritative over our life. So, we are anchored to the truth in a world of confusion, and share that truth with others. 
  2. God is just and merciful, and God equips us for every good work. So, we work to bring about goodness, mercy and justice in the world for all. 
  3. Jesus will return to Earth and rule forever as King. So, we have hope when our world is hopeless, and share that hope with others.