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We are glad you're here! Now that you've visited our site, we invite you to come visit us on Sunday mornings for worship at 8:30am (acapella) or 10:40am (instrumental).

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Join us in person or online every Sunday at 8:30a or 10:40a
Join us in person or online every Sunday at 8:30a or 10:40a


If you've made it this far, that means you're a little more interested than you were a few seconds ago. That's great.  This page is designed for guests and new members. It's to help you ease and find your way at Highland.

Worship Times

All are relaxed and comfortable environments. The same message is preached in all services.

  • 8:30am




  • 8:30am


    Life Center & Online


  • 10:40am


    Life Center & Online


Guests & New Member Classes

Let's get to know each other.

Visiting a new church can be intimidating. We unerstand that. That's why we have a simple two-part Next Steps program so help find out what we're all about.

Welcome To Highland Church
Worship / Multi-Purpose
  • Welcome To Highland Church

    Hello! Welcome to Highland. We are glad you’re here! Please use the map to help navigate you around our building. You can click on the tabs up top to find where a particular section of the church is. We believe that everyone is “Meant for More.” That’s a phrase you’ll see and hear often at Highland. That’s because we believe life is about more than making money and watching tv. We believe people are meant for more: more love for God and people every day. Welcome to a family where you can discover the more you are meant for.

  • Children

    Jesus set the ultimate example in the gospels when he sat down and lifted up the little ones. Just by touching them, just by sharing a smile and a kind word, he made those little friends feel loved. Through our classes, our devotionals, and our special events, we hope to be a blessing to each and every child.

  • Youth

    HYG wants every student to know that God is good, and they are not alone. We want them to believe what God says about them. And we want to give them roots and wings so they grow into mature followers of Jesus.

  • Adults

    Adults need to build relationships with each other; and to focus together on Jesus's example, Scripture's teaching, service to others, and spiritual formation. To help meet these goals the Adult Ministry offers about a dozen Sunday morning classes, numerous small groups, and Wednesday evening classes.

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