Join us in person or online every Sunday at 8:30a or 10:40a
Join us in person or online every Sunday at 8:30a or 10:40a

We want to offer our parents an opportunity to nurture their relationship with the Lord and fellow Christians while we assist them in raising their children according to His purpose. It is our goal to help each child:

  • Learn to associate God, Jesus and the Bible with positive thoughts and feelings.
  • Learn that Jesus is a special friend who loves them all of the time.
  • Learn to think of church as family filled with love and security even in the midst of strife.
  • Begin to understand that God is our creator and to learn of the things He has graciously given us.
  • Begin to understand basic Christian principles about life (loving, sharing, and communicating).


Nurseries are open during 8:30a and 10:40a worship services and the 9:40a Bible Class time. The nursery is located in the Children’s Wing during the Life Center and Chapel services and Sunday School. (Church Map)


If you have a heart for children and would like to use your gifts to teach them about Jesus, we would love to have you join our team. To volunteer, contact Stephanie Howell to complete your paperwork and background check.


  • We have monitored cameras recording each nursery, our hallways, & entrances.
  • We have designated security patrolling our hallways.
  • We have evacuation cribs to use in emergencies.
  • We have one way mirrors available for viewing the nursery activities.
  • We have a check-in system.


  • We have a diaper changing procedure posted.
  • We have a sickness policy posted.
  • We have a clean-up procedure posted.
  • If a child is inconsolable his/her parents will be texted to come.
  • We strive to have at least two workers in every nursery.
  • We use teens that have had nursery training to assist adult volunteers.
  • Chewed on toys are placed in the sink or wiped with Lysol wipes.
  • Our nursery is a peanut free, nut free area.
  • The closest first aid kit is on top of the refrigerator in the nursery area kitchen.
  • Our toddlers are learning to walk and it’s not uncommon for them to get a bump. We strive to inform parents of any incident that occurs.