Sermon series


2023 Sermon Series

The Love of Christ
Gospel Life
Plead To The Lord
Start Fresh

2022 Sermon Series

The Heart of the Matter
Good & Glorifying, Both/And
The Forgiveness of Sins
The Body of Christ
Belonging To Christ And His Church
The Gift Of Singleness
How Do I Love Well?
Gospel Life
Build Up the Next Generation
Will Jesus Really Help Me With My Problems?
Life-Giving Sunday
At Love's Limit
Resilient Disciples
Free Indeed
United With Christ
My Part God's Plan
The Light Shines In The Darkness
God's Plan

2021 Sermon Series

Good News
On The Way
Prayer Is Where The Battle Is Won
Orphan Sunday
Salt For A Rotting World
Why Plant A Church?
What's The Use?
Who Am I
God Works
The One Who Sees Me
He Will Fill You
The Impossible
Once For All
Choose Life
Best of 2020

2020 Sermon Series

Life of Every Child
A Overwhelmed By Grace
Life Giving
Josh Jackson
Be Church
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2019 Sermon Series

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2017 Sermon Series

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2016 Sermon Series

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