Trail Guides

Join us on Facebook every Sunday at 9:00a.
Join us on Facebook every Sunday at 9:00a.

“Students who have caring, Christian adults in their lives are more likely to be faithful as adults.”

We are excited to announce a new opportunity to help parents disciple their teens. We have Highland adults who want to make a difference by encouraging, supporting, and building relationships with HYG students. We are calling the adults “Trail Guides.” They will serve as a type of Big Brother/Big Sister role.

Trail Guides will…

  • Pass a background check
  • Be same gender
  • Guide 2-4 teens maximum
  • Make one contact per week with their teens
  • Pray for their teens
  • Get to know the teens’ parents and families
  • Attend games, concerts, etc. if able
  • Encourage their teens to follow Jesus

If you would like your teen to have a Trail Guide, you must register below. If you're registering more than one child,  submit and refresh for each child.